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My passion for watchmaking, my entrepreneurial spirit developed at a very young age associated with a craftsmanship acquired during my various experiences in France and abroad naturally led me to the creation of L'Atelier des Tocantes. .

After scientific studies, a patent for crafts in watchmaking, numerous certificates of expertise, I began to practice watchmaking in Paris with a renowned watchmaker and approved by the biggest watch brands such as Rolex, Jaeger Lecoultre. A 2-year stay in England allowed me to collaborate with the Swatch Group and improve my skills on all coaxial movements and chronograph.

In 2019 I created L'Atelier Des Tocantes .

It is a watchmaking workshop located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

The Workshop is divided into 3 spaces:

👉🏻 The showroom where customers are welcomed by appointment 
👉🏻 The Workshop where we find the watchmakers' workbenches
👉🏻 The technical room where the "big machines" for polishing and cleaning watches are stored.

In 2020, L'Atelier Des Tocantes expanded with the arrival of a polishing expert, then in 2021 with a second qualified watchmaker.

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